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A pink bow shaped clutch started it all. Trouble shooting how best to sew in the zipper planted the spark for my love of construction. Shortly after, the first cosmetic bags were put up for sale under the name P.O.P, Paige O’Grady Purses. .


• The year I drove a jeep with flowers on it and figured out my dream.
• Worked with a local boutique to have my merchandise sold in stores
• Had my first order from outside of Michigan
• Decided I wanted to go to school for fashion design
• Started doing clothing repairs
• Began online sales using Etsy
• Branched out into sewing purses and laptop sleeves
• Visited MSU Apparel and Textile Design department


• Made costumes for school play
• Started working with another local boutique
• Changed name to Paige Madison Collection
• Started Facebook page
• Started classes at Kellogg Community College


• Took first college art class
• Accepted to MSU... as Neuroscience major
• Changed major about two months later


• First semester of all art classes
• Finalist in the MSU Fashion Design Branding Competition
• Taught myself Illustrator and Photoshop
• Started alterations business
• First garment and illustrations in ATD gallery show


• Went to NYC, a dream I'd had for about 5 years prior
• Found my design style
• Created my first garment I loved
• Two garments, one textile design, one set of illustrations on exhibition in the ATD gallery show


• Final college semester filled with the best design courses
• Showed a garment in the ATD Popup Show
• Editorial photoshoots for portfolio
• Another fashion show
• Graduated with my dream degree
• Runway to Street illustration competition finalist
• Scrunchies took off
• First job in the industry


Paige Madison Collection

Out of all the skills I’ve learned, I learned the most important aspect of whatever you are doing and of any workplace, is character. Extremely early in my career the idea that a successful business is one where people have character and collaborate, was solidified. You can train people to do many skills, but you cannot train their heart. Design is not heartless work; no work should be. When peoples heart is in it and they work well with those around them, it not only creates a good product, but it sustains good people. I want to create somethings that people are happy to be a part of and where people thrive off each others good energy and kindness. In result, designs will be strong and will serve customers well.

As I bring to life The PM Collection, my goals are not just to produce a good product and grow a brand. But I will do so with integrity and kindness. I look forward to growing this brand, and I am fortunate to have so many that want to watch it grow with me. Each item is handmade, hand-packaged, and handled by myself all the way until it’s time to ship. Everything about this brand is done so with heart because I whole heartedly love this process.